Finding contemporary and sustainable developments in Itapema and Porto Belo is no longer a challenge. Get to know the Amrita and Canvas projects and change your concept of what it's like to live by the sea.

ZAH believes in contemporary architecture and sustainable development and applies this philosophy to the construction of unique luxury developments in Itapema and Porto Belo.

Get to know the details of two of ZAH's newest developments in these amazing cities and change your concept of what it's like to live well and share spaces.

Ocean front apartments 

Living with a sea view in Porto Belo is one of the greatest pleasures in life for you and your family. A few minutes from the calm waters of one of the most exuberant beaches in Santa Catarina, living with a view like this is enjoying a lifestyle of well-being and personal care. It's a way to make life lighter, sweeter and to inspire our deepest and most beautiful emotions.

When creating Amrita, the ZAH team strove for a project that contemplated a daily transformational experience for people who want to live by the sea. The integration with nature blends with ZAH's unique ability to make living go far beyond simply being in one place, making living in this space a unique, simple and profound experience.

Amrita is one of the projects in Porto Belo that most focuses on ensuring the well-being of residents. Every detail has been thought of so that life at Amrita, facing the sea, is more than just the experience of living in a cozy place. Amrita was designed for people seeking a little of the immensity of the sea in their own life, transforming it in a profound and definitive way.


Amrita's design gets its inspiration from both life and art and the result is the complete integration of private and shared spaces.

Amrita has 17 floors (with 3 apartments per floor) and 17 leisure areas. Everything has been thought of in the tiniest of details so that residents can enjoy life, beauty and well-being.

Amrita means nectar of the gods in Sanskrit, or even immortality. However, for ZAH, Amrita is the very flux of life, which deconstructs and rebuilds, which transforms and elevates, and, like the waves of the sea, is in constant motion.

Naturally, Amrita had to be like this as well: organic and deeply conceptual in aesthetic terms. ZAH's goal is to provide future residents of Amrita with a restorative and bridge-building life experience.

Made for people looking for deeper connections, Amrita has a special focus: people. We include art throughout the project so that the people who come to inhabit it overflow with well-being, inspiration and creativity, helping to reduce the distance between people, the environment in which they live and, above all, nature itself.

In art, we found a way to provide truly transformative experiences for people who accept the opportunity to live in one of the most beautiful places in the world.

Apartments with a modern touch

Living in a condominium with a modern touch, in practice, is living in an environment where all the details of its constitution were created to be as functional as possible.

ZAH designed Canvas to optimize the experience of living a cosmopolitan lifestyle by the sea. A residential development with modern lines and contemporary design, close to everything so you can enjoy best of living in Itapema.


Art, technology and proximity to nature. These are the central ideas that inspired Canvas, a condominium with a modern touch, in one of the most valued areas of Meia Praia.

Canvas is on the first block from the sea and brings together contemporary art and beach life, without abandoning the transformative principle of the experience of sharing spaces to build bridges.

Modern, the project features a permanent exhibition of Thiago Valdí and Raffael Fernandes in the common areas. The large panels transform one of the most desired properties in the region into a living art gallery, full of personality.

In addition, ZAH has also included the latest technology in Canvas. All spaces in the common areas have a sound system to inspire residents to explore more senses. A truly immersive experience in various art forms, which ensures the maximum expression of well-being and living in the moment.

For security, access to the common areas of Canvas is via biometric identification and password. This ensures that your family is always cared for and safe, giving you peace of mind.

In addition, Canvas has more than 500 square meters of decorated and equipped leisure areas, so that everyone can enjoy fun days and maximum comfort.

Of course, everyone has their own way of enjoying life. And Canvas houses all these possibilities, in the heart of Itapema.