Looking for an investment in Itapema with great potential for appreciation? ZAH has created a complete solution for people looking to the real estate market as a way to ensure profitability in their financial investments.

We know that looking for an apartment, whether as an investment or to live in, is one of the most important and cautious moments in our lives. And, of course, this involves a careful study of the region where the project is located. In the case of Itapema, one of the most expensive square meters in Brazil right now, the research is easy, thanks to the great potential of the region.

In 2021, the Itapema real estate market heated up with major real estate launches, such as Canvas, a development with a modern touch developed by ZAH that improves the region's appreciation potential, which is also explained by other aspects that we need to analyze more closely.

The Itapema real estate market is booming and is one of the most attractive places in Brazil for investing. With a high HDI, according to the 2010 Census, Itapema ranks 12th in Santa Catarina on the human development index. And, compared to Brazil as a whole, it is in 53rd place.

In addition to its stunning beaches, it also offers high-quality urban facilities. You will find clean streets and very organized and inviting commerce.

For these reasons, Itapema, one of the most charming cities in Santa Catarina, is an excellent place to live, to invest in and, above all, to fall in love with.

Investing in Itapema: the quality of life that the region offers

Investing in Itapema is, without question, investing in quality of life. This quality of life is not just expressed in the region's high HDI.

Itapema is a city that has an excellent infrastructure, offering a variety of commerce and leisure areas, as well as beautiful beaches. At any of the beaches, such as Meia Praia, Praia Grossa or Canto da Praia, you are in contact with nature, which means better quality of life for you and your family.

Moreover, the city is booming when it comes to employment and investment opportunities. The city has a bustling economy, even outside the high season (summer and holidays), making it an excellent place to live a rich, fun, healthy and relaxed life by the sea.

Live in connection with nature

Sea or forest? It's up to you. There are both at your disposal in Itapema.

The city offers a number of tourist attractions that you can enjoy, always providing a new view or a new place to visit. Whether you love the sand on the beach or green plants and welcoming forests, Itapema has what you need to live in peace.

All of this adds value to the city, especially the options of outdoor activities and complete integration with nature, making it a very popular ecotourism destination in recent years.

Whether you live in Itapema or are just visiting, the city offers many opportunities to enjoy contact with nature. In addition to its beaches, the city also offers the Calçadão da Meia Praia park, the Mirante do Encanto lookout, on Morro do Cabeço and the Ponte dos Suspiros bridge, located where the Bela Cruz river meets the sea.

Excellent market appreciation: investing in Itapema guarantees returns

Real estate appreciation in Itapema is one of the highest in the state of Santa Catarina, with 2.8% appreciation in 2021.

This trend has resulted in the price per square meter in the region increasing since 2019, when it hit BRL 4,000. Currently, with inflation and local appreciation, this price has more than doubled. Thus, Itapema currently has a higher price per square meter than Brasília, ranking fourth in Brazil.

And this trend will continue in the coming years, mainly due to the large developments that the region should receive, such as Canvas Meia Praia, for example.

The best time to invest in the Itapema real estate market

2022 will be the best year to invest in Itapema, mainly because of the projects that are about to be launched in the region. With increasingly sophisticated developments in the region, the city of Itapema ensures excellent returns, especially considering that, in just two years, the price per square meter in the city has more than doubled.

Thus, investing in the Itapema region is one of the best ways to safely invest your money so that you also have guaranteed returns.

Whether to live, to open your own business or to invest, the city of Itapema is one of the most promising locations in Brazil, today and for the coming years.

ZAH is proud to be part of this, bringing sophisticated projects to Itapema that contribute to local development.