Whether in Itapema, Meia Praia, Perequê or Porto Belo, you will find a ZAH development that offers a lifestyle aligned with what you most desire: well-being

With every ZAH project, whether in Meia Praia, Perequê or Porto Belo, we seek to build more than residential developments. Our goal is to find solutions that can be truly transformative, improving the quality of life of people who look to our brand for better living, greater comfort, well-being and, above all, good taste.

We bring together our values with those of our team of professionals that takes care of every detail of the properties we build. Our projects have common areas designed to build bridges, where friendships are made and bonds strengthened.

Transform living spaces into works of art. That's our objective. Transforming a home into an artistic, conceptual environment, with ample spaces and everything required for the residents of our developments to share a better life. This way, we offer more than just the experience of living in a sophisticated residential development. We offer a transformation in the quality of life of the people who invest in a ZAH project.

Get to know a little more about the ZAH philosophy and what ZAH believes is the path to a more integrated, enjoyable and sustainable life and, above all, a life worth living.

Enjoy the journey that starts now.

Create a new rhythm for your lifestyle

Peaceful, fast-paced, fun, relaxed, super active, tuned in or, simply, you. ZAH ensures that every person can find himself in one of our developments, with a new rhythm for their lifestyle, according to their speed.

Because of this, all our projects offer spaces where people can meet – this can mean finding oneself or meeting others. We believe that it is through this exchange, this contact with others, that we are able to create a more attractive living experience for everyone.

Every ZAH development focuses on art as one of the ways to ensure a new life for everyone. It is through this primordial transformational tool of humanity that we are able to bring people together who embark on one of the best challenges: living life to the fullest.

By printing art as a central concept, we equalize the differences that exist between all of us, nurturing what is common: the desire to share life and make the world a better place.

The ZAH lifestyle welcomes everyone and their individuality and offers more harmony in all spheres of life.

Sophistication and well-being

The concept of sophistication that ZAH explores in each of its developments is not just about luxury, but rather attention to every detail, taken from the drawing board to transform homes, families and lives.

We believe that there are many ways to live and that everyone is free to choose their own. We also believe that in any lifestyle, beauty and design, especially when combined with the promotion of well-being, are vehicles that make our lives simpler, fuller, safer, more fun and, above all, much better lived.

So let yourself be amazed by every detail of what we have built for your life. Let yourself be amazed by an opportunity to live more and better.

A more sustainable lifestyle

What if it were possible to reduce the gap between what we want for the world and what we do to make the world a better and healthier place?

When we create our residential developments, we aim for the complete integration of our buildings in the natural environment that surrounds them. This way, we ensure that you can explore your surroundings, enjoying quality of life and knowing that your home is in harmony with the environment.

Living in the heart of the area that you frequent shortens distances, simplifies your daily life and contributes to a lifestyle that is aligned with the principles of sustainability and care for the world, for people and for the community as a whole.

Biophilic design for integration

In each of our projects, we employ the concept of biophilic design at the very outset of the project.

Biophilic design is a new way of thinking about how buildings affect and are affected by nature. It integrates natural elements of the surroundings in the project, transforming spaces and allowing spaces to be transformed by them.

This process of forging an alliance with nature to transform the way we live results in health benefits for residents and the community as a whole, promoting well-being and a lifestyle that seeks greater harmony, for a greener and fuller life in every sense.

Contemporary design: our attention to every detail

We aim to make our residential developments even better for your family and your new life.

Our inspiration in the contemporary design principle of functionality makes spaces more efficient, more integrated and more human. We move away from the cold starkness of hard lines to ensure that every one of our new developments focuses on taking advantage of space, accessibility and the promotion of a lifestyle that can be transformative.

Each space is designed so that we can integrate, co-habit and enjoy life and moments of sharing that become the greatest and most fruitful experiences.